Complete this online application no later than the FINAL DAY OF YOUR COURSE if you are registering for graduate credit for: 

PTC Courses ($450 per course) The College of New Jersey or Lehigh University
TTC Courses ($450 per course) Buffalo State SUNY
CTC Courses ($450 per course) Buffalo State SUNY
  1. Create your record using an email ID
  2. Select the university that will grant you the credit
  3. Enter the number of courses you are taking for credit under "enter quantity"
  4. If you are taking more than one course for credit, you will be asked to enter your personal information for each course
  5. You must pay in full with a credit card or indicate you are paying by check or wire transfer to complete the order (click PAY OFFLINE button)
  6. Note: Lehigh does not offer credit for 'Technology Leadership' or 'Finance in the International School'.
  7. If you are a NEW student to TCNJ or Lehigh, complete the appropriate application with those universities
  8. I you are a NEW or RETURNING student to SUNY-Buffalo State, complete the appropriate application with SUNY-Buffalo State. You must be accepted as either a matriculated or non-matriculated student.
  9. If you have questions, see the PTC on site coordinator or contact the PTC office at +1-508-790-1748


Be sure to check the box in the 'Refund Policy Acceptance' section and then click the COMPLETE ORDER button ; otherwise your order is NOT SAVED. If you do not see an online confirmation and receive an email confirmation, your order was not completed properly.

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